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    Cannot enable Smart Response Technology




      I'm trying to enable Intel Smart Response Technology, but there's no option for it in the performance tab of the Intel Rapid Storage Technology application.


      I'm running Win 8 x64, Bios is in UEFI mode, and my system disk is GPT (a Raid 1 array). Intel disk controller is set to Raid mode.

      My motherboard is x79 which I thought support SRT since the update in summer 2013.

      I'm using the latest version (12.9) of Intel RST (both driver and application).

      The SSD drive I'd like to use has been cleaned in diskpart, and is showing as uninitialized in Disk Management (it also didn't work when initialized with an MBR or GPT record).

      I tried the trick of shrinking the system volume, but this didn't help.


      Full details are in my Intel RST "system report" here: http://pastebin.com/4dqpXJKS


      Any idea what the issue might be?