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    HD5000 / Windows 7-64 DP1.2 MST Hub Multi-monitor Issue


      I'm running on an Intel NUC i5 (Haswell) and driving 3x1080p monitors via a Display port 1.2 Multi stream transport hub.  The Intel drivers detect the hub and monitors correctly, but each time I reboot I lose one of the monitors.  The DisplayPort topology dialogue indicates the monitor is present, but the monitor is not getting any signal.  The only work around is to enter into the windows screen resolution and disconnect and then re-connect the display and then all works well until I reboot.  In my application I need all the displays to come up seamlessly, so I am hoping there is a solution to fix this.


      I'm running the latest drivers (as of last week) for the Intel NUC D54250WYK.  Thanks in advance.