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    usb 3 driver for windows 7




      I need to boot my asus notebook ux31la with a windows 6.1.7601 cd and have this window access an external disk. All the notebooks usb ports are usb 3 so i need to install on my internal d drive a driver for this window to access my stuff attached to usb3. I'll be grateful if someone could tell me where do i find this driver.


      Thanks in advance for your time



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          I am sorry for your issue.


          There is a possible workaround by changing the USB 3.0 or xHCI mode to Auto or Smart Auto in BIOS. With this setting the USB 3.0 ports are reconfigured to function as USB 2.0 ports using the native Windows* driver. Then, you may change it back after the operating system is installed and load the USB 3.0 driver.


          The other option is to slipstream the USB 3.0 driver into the Windows* 7 installer. You may use this USB 3.0 driver, based on the specifications provided by the system manufacturer for your model.


          For the slipstream process itself you may refer to these articles:


          How to Speed Up Windows 7 Installs With Slipstreaming and USB | PCWorld


          How to build a slipstream Windows 7 install disc | News | TechRadar

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            Thank you joe_intel,

            I'd like first to try the driver option. I have been given the procedure to incorporate the driver to the win 7 bootable cd. This is open knowledge in EaseUS Todo Backup: Add RAID & Network driver to WinPE

            in this example the requirement was for a raid driver.


            So from what i understand, i should submit the easeus "driver manager" an "inf" file from your download link (which i can place in an unused internal hard disk of the machine) but i am unsure which as there is a iusb3hub.inf and a iusb3xhc.inf files


            Also, i don't know how to tell if the usb3 driver required for my machine manufacturer is the one you are pointing me to. I can tell from the PC "Properties" that it's got a Inte|(R) Core(TM) i7-45OOU CPU @ 1.8OGHZ 2.4GHz


            I appreciate your help very much


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              Your system has a fourth generation Intel® Core Processor which means that it also includes an Intel® 8 Series Chipset. I can also see that ASUS* provides an Intel® USB 3.0 driver (which is probably the same version). So, it is the correct USB 3.0 driver.


              However, regarding the INF files, I verified there is not much documentation about this type of installation. It may work adding the INF file(s) but full support is only provided via setup.exe installation.


              I can also see that you can (silent) install (exe) programs with the tutorials I posted above. Probably the easiest option is to modify the USB 3.0 mode in BIOS if such setting is available.

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                Thanks Joe,


                I think i'll give up for the moment: The computer is new and cost ~$2200 (8400ILS) so i don't want to mess with it. My problem was to have a backup on a fat32 media which windows does not offer and easeus - todo does. Now i think i can take the windows backup and slice it with 7 zip and then save it on a fat32 media


                Thanks again,