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    Problem with E5200


      Hello everybody. I would just like to clarify something about this CPU.


      So, I've been having a bit of trouble with my PC, the company who assembled this put together an ECS 945P-A and an E5200 CPU. This mobo doesn't even support my CPU as far as I know, and that's probably the cause of my problem. The "Intel Processor Identification Utility" shows that both of my cores are running at 1.19GHz-


      As far as I know, both the cores should be running at 2.5GHz. I brought my PC to the shop where I bought it from and some guy there ran some tests and told me that this is normal and this is how a dual core CPU works, that both cores work together and add up to 2.5Ghz, something to do with "unified speed" or something, I dunno ( 1.19 + 1.19 = 2.5 ...yeah, right ) I thought that the measurings just aren't 100% accurate and came back home. But now I've been reading about dual core CPUs and they don't work like that at all like the guy at the shop described me.


      So please, could someone clarify this up for me? Does the E5200 work differently from other dual core CPUs or is that guy in the shop full of cr*p?


      Thanks in advance