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    Intel BLKD54250WYB sound issues


      Hello all!


      I am new to this forum, and I'm having trouble with my newly built Intel NUC system. It's a bit complicated, but I'll try to be as clear as possible.


      The point is I cannot seem to get my sound output working correctly. My setup is as follows:


      Intel NUC board, type BLKD54250WYB

      2x4 gig's of ram

      120GB Crucial SSD

      1TB Hitachi 2.5" HDD


      The NUC is connected to my Denon AVR 2313 receiver. The receiver is connected to my 4 year old Samsung TV. All connections are via HDMI.


      Now, it seems that there are 2 audio devices installed under Windows 7. The device manager shows an Intel (R) Display Audio device, ánd a High Definition Audio Device (Realtec I presume).

      Removing either of them from de device manager list makes it re-appear after a reboot.


      When I open the mixer, I see either my Denon receiver as an audio device, or headphones, or at one point I had  'Speakers'. Haven't been able to get these back though.

      Every time I reboot my computer, the last set choice is undone, and I get no sound at all. Currently I have the Denon selected, but it only gives my 3.0 sound, the subwoofer is not working.

      When I select 'Speakers', I only have the option for 2.0 sound. But when I use this, Itunes or any other music program fails to give any sound at all.

      Also at one point, I had the Realtec Audio configuration program, and it only showed analog audio, with no surround options at all.

      Something is very wrong here.


      Also, when my tv screen goes to sleep, all sound stops. Pressing play again in Itunes for example doesn't help. And I often have to switch audio deviced again.


      For me, this is very frustrating, and it makes this board pretty useless, as its primary function is as HTPC.


      My 5 year old AMD HTPC had no trouble at all with HD sound output.


      On another note: I had to roll back to an old BIOS version to be able to install Windows 7 from an USB stick. It was not recognized at all as a bootable devic


      Can this be solved, or do I have to return all parts to the store where I bought it??




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          Something to add:


          I always leave my NUC on, but turn the Denon receiver and tv off.

          Now I just turned on my receiver and tv and... I had no sound at all. To be more specific, I had NO audio device! Only headphones were selectable. I had to reboot to get my sound device back.


          It hurts to see my five year old AMD htpc is working fine (except it's too slow now).


          Any driver / bios updates coming to resolve this issue?

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            I am sorry to hear that have had issues with your NUC computer and AVR connections.

            Similar problem was reported previously and the Intel engineering department is currently working to get this issue resolved. I still do not have an estimate time of resolution but you I recommend checking the following URL for more information:




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              Allan, thank you for your quick response!


              I read the thread, and I just updated my bios version again to the latest v 24.

              Also I reinstalled the Realtec driver and software, as I had removed these.


              In the Windows device manager, the previously listed HDMI audio device 'changed' into the Realtec High Definition Audio. And I was unable to update the driver automatically, it was stuck at a 2010 driver....


              Now, I have two audio devices in the Win7 mixer: Speakers (Realtec High definition audio) ánd DENON-AVR.

              When I select the Speakers option, there is no sound at all. With the Denon, I have sound but only 3.0 sound. The subwoofer is silent.

              The Realtec tool only shows stereo output, and mono inputs no matter what I do. No matter if I select my Denon or the Speaker option in the mixer.

              By the way: The Speaker option only shows 3.5" jack in the Windows mixer panel...


              I hope this info helps!