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    DX79SR - Samsung EVO 840 SED (eDrive)- Win 8 Bitlocker


      Dear All,


      I am trying to get Bitlocker (Win 8.1) to use the self encryption function of the Samsung EVO 840 to run. I have been able to

      overcome several issues but now I am stuck on the BIOS process.


      I have set up the BIOS to UEFI, I have deactivate the TPM on Windows, Bitlocker identifies the SED and also is ready to encrypt but


      1. If I select a password, I am able to encrypt the drive. But the system are not able to boot on it because I don't get any password mask

      to enter the password.


      NO password, NO encryption, NO boot. TO get access to the disk again an other windows was required.


      2. If I select USB Protection, I am able to create the USB Key, after that windows offers to restart the PC to run a compability check. Unfortunately

      the systems end up on a infinite loop on the boot process. If I disconnect the USB the boot process works again. And I am able to access windows again.

      Unfortunaltely I get then the error message that the system does not have a compatible hardware for SED.


      Does anyone have been able to make a similar configuration to work?

      Any ideas how to solve it? It seems to be a USB recognition issue.

      Best Regards



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          Hello Markus, I’m sorry to hear you are having issues with your system, however please let me help you.


          Would you let me know in which SATA port you are connecting the SSD? If by chance you are using the Marvel sata ports (gray), please try using an Intel Sata port (blue).


          In addition, enter the board BIOS and check under “Hard Disk Drive order”, which hard drive appears on top? If you are using more than one HDD make sure the SSD is set on top so the board will boot to it.

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            Hi Sylvia,


            thanks for your input. Yes, I have the SSD on Port 0 (blue) on the main board. I have also detached all other HDDs.

            It seems that the BIOS of the DX79SR just only tries the first boot option. I never had a main board having as much issues to follow the settings on the BIOS.


            Could that be the issue? Board check for SSD, could not boot it and stops to look for the USB drive?


            Best Regards



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              Markus, please let me know if you are having this behavior only when you use Bitlocker? Are you able to boot normally without encryption?



              Which is the current BIOS version of your motherboard?

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                Hello Sylvia,


                using non encrypted drives the boot works but quite complicated. The bios take nearly 5-6 boots before settings are really stored.


                After reinstalling win 8.1 on my SSD without any encryption the system always started with the error message

                missing boot system or partition.


                I am really guessing why the mainboard is behaving so crazy, my expectation would be that he follows the bios boot setting

                1. Check for USB

                2. Check for CD

                3. Check for HDD1, 2 and so on

                4. Check for Network

                But why does he just try one HDD then on top HDD2 which contains only data to come up with a studip message and then to change the bios settings to this HDD and stops looking for other boot partitions.

                If I keep changing the boot order to the correct one suddenly after 4-5 times the system works again.

                Is this really the normal behavior of this board? I also believe that this is the reason for the encryption issue.

                Best Regards



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                  It seems like a BIOS chipset situation.

                  Please let me know which BIOS version do you have installed on this motherboard?

                  Below you will be able to see a picture of the settings we have in our DEMO.

                  Our OS is installed on the Western Digital hard drive, which is on SATA port 4, but it is our first boot device.


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                    Hi Sylvia,


                    again thanks that you are looking on my issue. I am running on the latest bios available for download 



                    Could you try to change the bios order to





                    and detach the HDD?


                    What would be your expectation? My expectation would be to see that my CD drive starts searching for a CD, then that my USB key reading LED shows some kind of activity, then to see Intel Network Adapter looking for

                    a boot network resource and then to check my HDD's before showing instantly missing a bootable partition.

                    My main board just skip every boot order.


                    The reason why you set a boot order is to force the system to check one by one still he finds a bootable

                    device, which the DX79SR definitely does not do in my case.


                    In your case if you put a CD does the system boot from the CD? Or from USB? On my system is this pure luck if this work or not.


                    Best Regards



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                      Markus, in my system the motherboard is respecting the boot order I have. So it starts looking for a boot file on the first hard disk which is a Western Digital. Since the OS is installed on this hard drive, it does not have to look on any other device in order to boot to Windows.


                      So, I am not experiencing the same behavior. If I disconnect the WD hard drive, the system will give me a boot error.


                      If you want to, you can contact our Warranty department, if you prefer to replace the board.  http://www.intel.com/p/en_US/support/contactsupport