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    New D54250WYKH build drive questions


      First, I have not built a computer before, thus this may be a rookie question, but I need some input.   Here is what I have done.  I have assembled an D54250 tall unit with 2 drives, wifi card, and ram.  I put an Crucial msata 240 GB SSD drive and a 250GB Western Digital laptop drive (not ssd).  I attached a usb DVD drive with a windows 8.1 OEM disk and powered the unit up.  I did not do anything inside of BIOS.   I got a message asking something along the lines of boot off the optical drive and I responded yes.  Windows installed and I am up and running.  All is pretty good, but I think I botched up the set up for the 2 drives.


      When I look at the drives in windows, I only see a listing for the C drive.  When I click on the C drive I can get to a screen that shows the two pieces of drive hardware and both are listed as healthy.  But I do not have access to two separate drives.  It is hard to tell but I think the OS got installed on the WD 2.5 inch drive instead of the SSD.  The C drive only shows the capacity of 232 GB.   So what should I be doing at this point?


      If I did indeed manage to install the OS on the non-ssd, do I have to go through the install process again and somehow force it to install on the SSD?

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          Hi go into the BIOS. Click on "Legacy" you should see something like "Crucial msata 240 GB SSD". Click on it, the mSATA, and if W8 boots that is where its at.

          I am also on my first build so for further help you will have to wait until some of the big girls and boys to come back.

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            I am not from Intel, but maybe this will help.  Do you know how to open the Control Panel?  If so, try typing PARTITION in the upper right box where it says Search Control Panel.  Then click on the result (Create and format hard disk partitions).  In the resulting window, near the bottom left do you see both a Disk 0 and a Disk 1?  The Disk 0 should have some partitions including a C to the right of it.  The Disk 1 probably has just Unallocated (which is why you do not see a D drive) - if there is no Disk 1 then I don't know how to help.  Looking back at that Disk 0 and Disk 1, there should be a size underneath each.  In your case the smaller size is the SSD.  If your Disk 0 is the larger size and has the C partition next to it, the OS got installed on the WD as you described and you might want to re-install for best performance.  Maybe you could carefully study the "Where do you want to install Windows" screen for example choosing Drive 1 Unallocated Space.  Alternatively you could temporarily disconnect the WD drive until installation is complete.

            Once you have Windows installed where you want it (such as SSD), you should go back into the PARTITION feature described above, click on the Unallocated next to the Drive 1 (or whatever), then right click and select New Simple Volume, and follow the steps to format and assign drive letter.

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              As you were. My suggestion was in error. I was unable to boot in BIOS from my mSATA in Legacy but was able to boot from the mSATA in UEFI.

              Still, go into BIOS and see if you can find both drives and see if you can differentiate which drive has the OS. Note, in UEFI the mSATA is depicted as Port3. In Legacy the mSATA is clearly depicted.

              I would have edited my first post but the moderator has it on hold.

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                OK, I pulled the WD drive out and attempted to restart.  No restart of windows, so I can conclude that is where windows was installed.  So then tried to install windows on the machine as is,  got to the point where you select where to put it, had two drive locations showing on the table, but message indicated windows could not be installed on the drives.

                So I rebooted to the windows install DVD again and selected the repair computer option. After a long wait, the NUC restarted and began the install again.  This time when the drive locations showed up there were 4 drives showing (there is only one single SSD in the NUC at this point, I should have took a photo), but I selected the unallocated drive and the install completed.  Now I think the Windows install is fine, and when I open the drive manager all looks good.

                So thanks for the advice, I think I took the easy route and got Windows on the SSD drive.  Tomorrow I will try to reinstall the regular drive and see what happens.

                I do get a message appearing in the bottom right of the Windows screen that says "Secure Boot is not configured correctly".