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    100% CPU Workload on Core 0 with newest driver




      I refer to this issue: High CPU usage with latest 3345 Graphic drivers update



      I have exactly the same issue when the driver is installed. I was wondering why one Core uses all the time 100%.

      So I did a fresh Installation of Windows 7 Professional 64bit and installed every driver by driver and checked again what's the cause of the issue. Result is, that the intel GPU Driver makes the issues.



      Here some specs:

      Mainboard: Gigabyte GA-H87-HD3

      CPU: Intel 4570s



      Atm im using the Windows Stock Drivers and do not have this issue.


      I hope we can solve this issue together, since it's really annoying when one core runs at 100% 24/7. Don't you think?

      Please do no let us stay in the rain as ATI usually does!


      yours sincerely


      urandom 100