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    D54250WYK antenna installation


      I have a Intel Wireless 7260 card and the Intel NUC D54250WYK. The NUC has two pre-routed antennas with one wire in grey and the other black. According to the quick installation manual that came with the NUC, it tells me to connect the grey wire to the right side of the card and the black wire to the left side. That would mean on the 7260 grey connects to AUX and black connects to MAIN.


      However when l searched for examples on Google, I actually see that the majority of the configurations consists of grey goes to MAIN and black to AUX. This is very confusing! I tried searching but I couldn't find some official documentation that says which antenna wire goes into what. If the color of the wire means anything or is just a color?


      I want to know which antenna cable goes to MAIN and the other into AUX? Or it doesn't matter which way the antenna cable grey(MAIN)/black(AUX) or black(MAIN)/grey(AUX) is installed?