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    DisplayPort and Surface 2 Pro Docking Station


      I've been using mostly HDMI connectivity to monitors lately, but decided to explore DisplayPort capabilities.  Recently I was asked by a colleague to help him connect his Surface 2 Pro with Microsoft's Docking Station which has a single mini-DisplayPort output to two external monitors.  I attended the Microsoft Surface 2 tour where they touted all the full desktop capabilities of the Surface 2 Pro and the ability to connect up to three monitors with the DisplayPort v1.2 capabilities of the docking station.  Of Course, the docking station wasn't shipping at the time so they couldn't demo it.  I purchased an Asus PA279Q hi-res monitor with DisplayPort In/Out capability and connected it to the docking station with a StarTech Mini-DisplayPort to DisplayPort cable.  I daisy-chained from Monitor 1 to Monitor 2, an Asus VN279QL monitor, with a StarTech DP-DP Male cable.  Although the Surface 2 Pro seems to have Intel 4400 graphics, there is no Intel Management and Control panel with the driver.  I was not able to get a display on Monitor 2 using Windows 8.1 display controls, even though Win8.1 detected and added the PA279 as Display 2 and the VN279 as Display 3.  I checked the menu on Monitor 2 and verified the DisplayPort input was selected.  After fooling with it for about 45 minutes, I moved the hardware setup over to an Intel DH87RL desktop which has Intel 4600 graphics.  I connected a DPMM cable to the DisplayPort on the motherboard's DP port and opened the Intel Graphics Management and Control Console.  I added and configured both monitors as Extended desktop and they fired right up.  My guess is that either the Intel driver Microsoft is using on the Surface 2 Pro is unique to the Surface 2, but is lacking.  You can't download and install the 4400 graphics driver from the Intel site.  Is it possible to add just the Control and Management console somehow or do I tell my colleague to wait for Microsoft to fix the issue?