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    Haswell NUC - No Signal when switching source


      Hi All,


      I'm having a problem with my D34010WYK i3 Haswell NUC. I am currently running OpenELEC on the NUC, but the issue is not an OS problem, as it also occurs in BIOS (as well as Windows 7 for the matter).


      Here is my setup.

      • Cable STB HDMI Out > Into "HDMI IN 1" on my Four Port HDMI switch with Optical Out.
      • NUC HDMI Out > Into "HDMI IN 2" on my Four Port HDMI switch with Optical Out.


      • HDMI Out on my HDMI Switch to HDMI Port 2 on my Samsung HDTV.
      • Optical Out of my Four Port HDMI switch to Optical In on my Denon AV Receiver.


      I leave both my Denon AV Receiver and the HDMI Switch on 24/7.


      With the TV On and the HDMI Switch set on HDMI IN 2(The NUC's source), when i turn my NUC on, i am able to see my NUC's display correctly on the TV outputting at 1080p 60hz. When i change source on the HDMI switch to HDMI IN 1(The Cable STB's source) the TV successfully 're-jigs' itself, changes to the Cable STB's setting of 1080i 50hz. This is as expected.


      However, When i change the source on the HDMI switch back to HDMI IN 2(The NUC's source), the screen gets stuck on Searching for Signals and then goes to Mode Not Not Supported. At this stage, the only way to see my NUC's display again is to either

      1. Turn the NUC off/on or;
      2. Turn the TV off/on or;
      3. Enter "Samsung live mode" on my TV and then quit "Samsung live mode", at which point the TV re-detects the NUC and displays it.


      This issue is ONLY occurring with the NUC, not with any other HDMI equipment i have. If i change the source back to the Cable STB's source, the screen re-detects the Cable box and displays the video. I have tried with other PC's with HDMI and do not have any problems. I can change sources on the switch and the TV simply displays whatever source the switch is set on without needing to reboot the TV/HDMI Device(laptop, DVD player, PC etc). However, with the NUC, whenever i change sources on the switch and then back to the NUC's source, i have to do one of the above 3 things above in order to see the display again.


      Note: If i plug the NUC directly into another HDMI port on the TV, and then change sources on the TV itself, this issue does not occur. This is not an ideal solution as i want to use my HDMI switch in order to extract the 5.1 audio out of the HDMI cable and pass it on to my non-hdmi denon receiver using Optical Out on the switch.


      I found a thread with people posting problems similar to my problem, except i'm having trouble with Video, and not audio, but maybe the two problems are related?  NUC HTPC Sound issues


      Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated.

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