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    DH87RL: Wrong clock multipliers with Core i7 4770




      I have the Intel board DH87RL and the Intel Core i7 4770 CPU (3,4 GHz, turbo max 3,90 GHz).

      BIOS version is latest 0324.

      I activated speedstep and turbo boost.


      The BIOS shows wrong clock multipliers. the multiplier is set to x32 in general and to x32 (one core), x31 (2 and 3 cores), x30 (4 cores).

      I cannot adjust these settings. It is not enabled for editing.

      The correct clock multiplier for one core in turbo mode should normally be x39.


      Furthermore the Windows Task manager (Windows 8.1 Pro 64 bit) shows a maximum speed of 3,00 GHz.


      If i run prime95 or IntelBurnTest with one or 2 threads, I will get a speed (displayed in TaskManager) of 3,4 or 3,66 GHz (it changes). But I don't know if i can trust these numbers.


      CPUz shows correct clock multiplier range, but the highest used was a multiplier of x37 resulting in a speed of 3,69xx GHz.


      I could make photos of the BIOS settings and upload here, when it helps.


      Does anyone have an idea whats going wrong here and how i could fix it?