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    Intel i5 3210m


      I upgrade my notebook HP G7 2210sm whit Intel i5 3210m and i cant install Windows 8, mesage on boot is System_thread_exception_not_handled_igdkmd64.sys

      Need help !!!

      It is about intel hd graphic driver!

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            Hi Aleksandar,


            I am sorry to hear you are having problems but let me help you.


            I recommend you updating the BIOS in your system using the one provide by the Computer Manufacture. Besides updating the BIOS I recommend you installing the latest generic driver from our side.  Here is the driver for your controller:



            If during the installation of the driver you get an error/notification message, I recommend you trying the manual driver installation. Here you have the steps:


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              Hi Kevin,


              My BIOS is up to date with latest version,and i try to download latest drivers from HP site,and from Intel site,but i cant do nothing with them.Problem is that i cant bootup Windows 8 64bit!

              My Notebook get freezed after second boot screen of windows,and after 5 min i get this error System_thread_exception_not_handled_igdkmd64.sys whit folowing BsOD .

              I look up on this forum and all of them have same issue but they have win 8 instaled its not like mine problem i cant install win 8 bicouse of this error

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                There are many things that can be failing in your computer. If you system has another video card set by HP, this problem can appear. There is a chance that the memory, HDD or even the operating system are not working properly and causing this problem.


                At this point my best recommendation is for you to contact the Computer Manufacture for them to provide the proper troubleshooting steps for slow performance and not booting or a possible replacement if necessary.