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    DN2820FYK Monitor issues


      So when I connect my monitor to my new NUC it stubbornly refuses to see a signal. I know all the components are working. The HDMI to DVI cable and  the monitor are being used on my desktop and are working fine. The NUC video works fine when I plug it into my TV. I know there were some issues with monitors not supporting 1024 x 768 but I can select that resolution in Ubuntu for the monitor. The threads also mentioned it working ok once it booted into the operating system and that did not work for me. I have Ubuntu 13.10 running on it. I updated the graphics drivers with the Graphics Installer 1.0.3 and the BIOS is version 0025. The monitor is an Acer 2216W. I toggled the only setting that looked relevant on the monitor (DDC/CI) with no effect. Any ideas?

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          Wingspan, I am sorry to hear you are having problems with your NUC, but let me help you.


          We have seen this behavior recently and it is because if you are using an HDMI monitor or HDTV that does not support a resolution of 1024x768, you cannot access the Intel® Visual BIOS Setup when pressing the F2 key.


          If your monitor does support this resolution, but the issue persisted, please check the HDMI cable you are using. It needs to be a 1.4a, since this is the only one that support audio and video.

          We recommend customers to use straight connections.

          You can also check if there is a new BIOS version that needs to be installed on your product.


          Since we only support Windows operating system, I would recommend you to try installing W7, W8 or W8.1 and use the drives available for them.