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    DP67BG impossible to wake up. Wake on LAN and RTC doesn't work.


      cHello, could somebody explain me, how to wake up this board? (DP67BG)


      I try to wake up several programs with wake on lan through MAC address, my router built in wake on function, and real time clock wake up too but it's failed.


      I have win 8.1 with latest security fixes, latest intel LAN driver (but I don't think it's matter when RTC wake up set in BIOS) but nothiing happend.


      I have the latest BIOS etc ... Here is my screenshoots:



      My bios version: MEGA

      My power settings in BIOS: MEGA

      My driver version in W8.1pro: MEGA

      My driver special settings in W8.1: MEGA

      and my driver power setting in w8.1: MEGA


      Can someone help me, what went wrong?


      BUT, the bios in power setting set to wake up computer every day at 7am, but nothing happend.


      With best regards