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    LINUX IMAGE FOR SD for Intel Galileo V0.9.0


      Someone knows where we can find the LINUX IMAGE FOR SD version 0.9.0

      on the drivers page I could find the V0.7.5, but not the newer one.

      I found the instructions of how to make it with Yocto, but I wonder if someone has made it and it is available download.

      Thanks in advance for the help.


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          Hi AlphaCHarly,


          The official supported Linux image is V0.7.5.

          You can download the LINUX IMAGE FOR SD version 0.7.5 as you mentioned. You can also download the Board Support Package version 0.7.5 and build it yourself.



          I would recommend looking though older post. Take a look at this post. It might help.





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            Thanks ... it looks that I will have to wait for a more stable version. Thanks for the pointer. AC/.

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              No offence to Intel, but by now we have a pretty good idea what officially supported by Intel means. There have been links posted for the 0.9.0 BSP. I highly recommend you download that and build your image from there. I am running on 0.8.0 (now buried by Intel), but I would have no hesitation moving to 0.9.0 if I did not have so much time invested in customizing this one.

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                I can build one, I'm anyway going to do that for myself. That wouldn't be supported by Intel  (as some you may know already I'm not representing the company here), but hey, that's Makers world, everything there is unsupported, but that shoudn't stop the fun, I believe :-)


                Now the question is - where to put it. My package repo website on AlterVista has about 400MB free left, and storing the image there would eat pretty much all of that - leaving no space for adding more packages... Well, never mind - I'll try that and if in the future I'll need to delete something to put something new, I could look into other free hosters.


                Hang on - I'm starting the compilation :-) I'll tell you how much time it will take exactly (just for the fun of it) and will post a link here after uploading it.


                BTW, I can also upload the SPI flash image (both *.cap and *.bin packages+CapsuleApp.efi), I've built those when I was adding the support for 0.9.0 into my firmware build script. Anyone interested?

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                  Let me add to my previous comment - We would be lost without the unofficial support that Intel employees - like Alex - give us.  My only problem with the official support is that there is not any. Serious, crippling problems that were identified and fixed last October (localization issues) have not seen a release yet (Arduino 1.54). In firmware, reboot is hard broken in 0.7.5 - fixed in current BSPs, but no indication they will ever be released. For me, I am happy with the unofficial support, but I think it is unfair to the product and the new people buying boards from their local retailers. Galileo deserves better.

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                    I am very interesting with the 0.9.0 spi image and SD LINUX package (i don't want to build it, no time and i am not a linux specialist, so i am afraid to lost my time and get nothing working well)


                    so please post them


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                      All right, here it comes: http://alextgalileo.altervista.org/images. After building and testing theimage I've realized that due to changes introduced in 0.9.0 you can't go halfway and use just a SD card image with SPI one being older. In order to get the ethernet (and probably some other things) to work, you need to first update the firmware to 0.9.0 too. I've built the capsule file for that, available at the same location.


                      I've tested that to work on my board (both the capsule and SD card image), Blink transferred & worked fine too :-)


                      And for the fun of it, some stats as promised:

                      Building the "image-full" from scratch took (not sure why "user" is bigger than "real",  probably due to 2 vCPU):

                      real    260m26.511s

                      user   297m39.598s

                      sys    84m28.864s

                      on a VirtualBox openSUSE 12.3 x86_64 guest (4GB RAM, 2vCPU) and Windows 7 x64 host (8GB RAM, 2 cores with hyperthreading=>4 "cpu", some Hitachi 5400RPM HDD).


                      The resulting directory size is:

                      me@lnx:/yocto> du -hs meta-clanton_v0.9.0f

                      20G    meta-clanton_v0.9.0f

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                        could you post the bin file for the SPI too



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                          Firmware images may not be forward compatible, but I am running 0.9.0 firmware with my 0.8.0 SD Linux image.

                          I have seen no problems at all. Linux has a great "uptime" command - it says my Galileo has been up for 10 days now. I have never seen it crash on this current 0.8.0 build and 0.9.0 firmware.


                          My full builds take about 10 hours (twice Alex's), and I just let them run over night. That gets bad when I have to restart them three times. I had to bump my virtual build disk up to 50GB before I got a successful build. Then I got smarter and used the delete work files parameter. That dropped my total virtual disk requirement down to 26GB (not counting another 12GB for my Ubuntu root disk).

                          Easy to see why canned images - and firmware - will be very popular. Not everyone has this high a tolerance for pain, while calling it fun.

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                            EJP The bin file would not contain the platform data and you'd need to add that yourself - you know what you're asking for and how to do that, aren't you (just to make sure)? :-) Alternatively I can build the bin+platform data file specifically for you if you tell me your board's MAC address.


                            rmm200 ;-) I typically do that overnight as well and I don't usually need to restart it. If that's not missing packages/tools that's causing the problems for you (which should be a one-time fix), then it may be due to suboptimal combination of your VM/host specs and the compilation settings in local.conf - if you feel like that feel free to start a thread on that, we may find a solution for you together.

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                              Thanks you very much (i have send to you a private mail associated with AlexT_intel address



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                                Thanks Alex - my build failures are behind me. I had two types - One was changing "distro clanton-tiny" to "distro clanton-full" between builds, which causes awful errors. Only recourse was to blow away the build directory. The other was a serious unwillingness to believe how much virtual disk space a build takes. I blew off at 25GB, 30GB, and 40GB before 50GB worked. It is not like yocto makes build restarts easy... Each try was a restart from scratch, also blowing away the build directory. Actually the yocto builds were easy compared to building the firmware image. Defaults to a 64 bit virtual machine and gives no meaningful error messages if you are running 32 bit Ubuntu... Another poster had to bail me out of that one.


                                Someone should post a gotcha list for new builders, incorporating all our experiences.

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                                  rmm200 okay, got it. Hopefully the VM image I'm preparing would help so avoid at least some of that :-) but such a summary would definitely be helpful for newcomers.


                                  Our conversation with Eric about the BIN file got me thinking and I've reworked the set of files I've shared for 0.9.0. In addition to full "SD card" image and capsule file I've uploaded the SPI image kernel+initramfs+grub.efi. That would open the door for anyone who wants to build the firmware themselves (e.g. the bin file with proper platform data or without if they feel like that) without the long waiting for linux part to compile. My fw building script can do just that, or they could follow the steps in BSP build guide.


                                  Check it out if that's relevant for you and your feedback is more than welcome. Files are at http://alextgalileo.altervista.org/images/0.9.0/

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                                    Hey Alex,


                                    The links seem to be broken, any chance of posting them again?

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