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    D2500HN and full screen DOS mode


      Hello Community,

      I have a question about an ATOM Board D2500HN. I bought this board a few days ago to help a friend of mine. He uses an old PC (i486) with MS-DOS 6.22 to run a styrofoam cutting machine. Because of the pc getting older and older I told him that it might be better to get something new. So I looked for a mainboard with VGA, LPT-Port, low TDP and bought the Intel D2500HN. I use this Mainboard with 2 GB RAM and a 32GB SSD. There is a special Software called “S4CUT” ( a demo version is available at: http://en.step-four.at/hp2/index.php?action=2331 , the file is called “cutting software V4 demo (D).exe”, you can download the file just by clicking on the “Herunterladen”-Button, without filling out the form) that needs DOS to run. The Producer of this software told my friend, that we could use any DOS or XP to run the software. So I put MS-DOS 6.22 an XP Pro on the SSD (dualboot). When I try to start the software running DOS I get a black screen and after a few moments the board reboots. When I try the same running XP I also get a black screen, but with ALT + TAB I can return to the desktop. Using the DOS – Emulator “DOS-BOX” the program runs fine, but I think there will be a problem using the LPT-Port, that controls the cutting machine.

      Then I made a bootable USB-Stick with DOS (just IO.SYS, MSDOS.SYS and COMMAND.COM) and S4CUT on it, to try to boot it and start S4CUT on different PC's. On the following machines there was no problem running the software: Notebook (Celeron M370/ GMA900), Desktop (VIA C7-D / VIA UniChrome Pro), Netbook (AMD E2-1800 / Radeon HD 7340), Desktop (AMD Phenom II X6 1045T/Radeon HD 7750), Desktop (AMD A10-5800K / Radeon HD 7760D)

      On the VIA PC I started the software using XP Pro without any problem. The last thing I tried were some old DOS Games. On the D2500HN I got the same black screen like running S4CUT. The same games made no problems running them on the VIA PC.


      Perhaps there is somebody who knows why it is impossible to run a program in full screen DOS-Mode on this Atom-Board.

      Thank You!