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    Mac: SSD firmware upgrade tool CD booting problems



      I've Intel 530 240GB SSD in my Macbook Pro 2011.


      I found some discussions like Intel SSD 530 startup problems - Bug in SSD? about booting problems on Mac, so I decided to update firmware. Solution from Ken-Intel is on page no. 9 and its update to 2.0.9 from Download Center


      So I downloaded 2.0.10 which is new , burned it to CD from Disk Utility, but when I boot from CD, I get black screen like Terminal (command line) with


      ISOLINUX 4.03 2010-10-22 ETCD Copyright ......

      and blinking cursor under it ... and no progress for next 30 minutes, looks like frozen or what, but CD is still turning fast during whole time.


      Do you have any tips how to fix it and get update tools to update FW ?