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    Can’t access the BIOS with the NUC Kit D54250WYK- Black_Screen


      Hello everyone,


      I recently got the Nuc Kit D54250WYK .

      The memory sticks are the recommended two 4Gbits DDR3 1333 MHz  and the mSATA 120GB.

      I was able to launch Unbuntu 13.10 in EFI mode using the updated WY0024.BIO.

      It worked fine the first two days.

      Then I decided too  look in the different mode of the EFI and I unchecked the legacy mode.


      Of course, the computer didn’t reboot. And I don’t have access to the setup anymore, I don’t see anything

      on my computer screen, no logos, no « F2 to … F7 to … F10 to… »


      I tried  taking off the configuration jumper, and I was able to reset the configuration and even reflash

      the BIOS with the latest BIOS update : WY0024.BIO and proceeded by following the « BIOS Update Readme.pdf »

      I saw the line “ the flash updated successfully”. On reboot, the screen still doesn’t show up.

      Removing the cmos battery for more than 1 hour did not change anything either.


      Do you have any information that could help unbricking the system ?