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    DQ77KB, Event ID 4101, 9010, 9013


      Sometimes I get following event alert:

      ID 4101

      Display driver igfx stopped responding and has successfully recovered.

      ID 9010

      A request to disable the Desktop Window Manager was made by process (4).

      ID 9013

      The Desktop Window Manager was unable to start because composition was disabled by a running application.


      OS: Win7x64 w. SP1

      BIOS v0053

      Graphic Driver:


      I hope the attchment will help the developer to fix the bug.



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          Hello TheUndertaker,

          I am sorry to hear you are having problems but let me help you.

          Thanks for the information. I see you have updated the bios and the graphics driver but. Based on that, there are a few steps I want you to try such as testing a different driver version (previous) or if this issue happens when using a different Operating System.


          Besides this, can you please let me know if there is any specific path to replicate the problem?

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            Hello Kevin,

            Previous graphics driver cause also the issue.

            When Monitor switching from power safer mode to active mode cause the issue.

            Monitor type: HP LP2275w

            Current BIOS Video Settings:

            Integrated Graphics Device <Always Enable>

            IGD Minimum Memory <1 GB>

            Primary Video Adaptor <Int Graphics (IGD)>

            IGD Primary Video Port <DisplayPort>

            IGD Secondary Port <None>

            No Video Detected Error Beeps <Enable>

            Intel Graphics Performance Analyzers <Disable>

            All-in-One Chassis <None>

            IGD Flat Panel <Disable>

            Screen Brightness <Neutral>

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              Thanks for the information. We have released a newer driver. Please download it and install it at the following link:



              If issue persists, please post your graphics report and dxdiag report here.


              How to get it?

              Dxdiag Report: Type dxdiag in Start Menu> open> Save> Copy/Paste here.


              Graphics Report: Right click on desktop> Graphics Properties> Options> Drop Down Menu> Information Center> Save> Open .txt file created> Copy/Paste here.