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    Dp45sg Keyboard and sound problems


      I bought a dp45sg motherboard recently and inspite of the sum i shelled out i've had quite a few problems with this.

      Firstly, my sound is choppy and every time i play an audio stream the IDT panel starts showing frantic activity in the front panel jacks even though nothing is connected. I removed the front panel connectors from the motherboard and now its working fine, however i cant obviously use the front panel jacks anymore.

      Secondly, while gaming i've noticed a problem with my keyboard. only the direction keys (eg. In case of PES2009 or FIFA09) dont work the way they're supposed to. When i change combinations (eg. straight to Diagnol right/left) there is no response until i release and enter again. There is no problem with the keyboard as i have checked it out elsewhere. I have a logitech media keyboard.

      Both problems are quite bothersome and i request for an efficient response.