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    Intel Courses on Galileo now available, and open source




      I'm the Intel Software Academic Program manager for Europe, MiddleEast, Africa and Russia.


      We wrote a set of course on Galileo !


      They are released as Creative Commons CC-BY, so enjoy.


      What covered ?

      We cover very briefly the Arduino IDE for Galileo and focus a lot on Yocto instead.

      Programming languages covered : C/C++ and node.js (very popular for IoT)

      We try to explain the basics of sensors and motors.


      What's next ?

      Next courses will cover : detailed case studies, node red, advanced node.js, IO.


      Hackathons !

      On top of the courses, I organize hackathons in universities (for my part, Europe, MiddleEast, Africa and Russia).

      We have tons of cool sensos, motors, a robotic arm, leds ... to use with Galileo.

      If you'd like to host intel hackathons on internet of things, contact me !



      Your feedback is welcome, tell us what you think, what you'd like us to add.


      Regards, paul