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    Video encoding performance processor HELP!


      I joined this forum just to ask all you knowledgable people about a decision I'm failing at making. I am looking to purchase my first Intel based cpu and am having issues deciding. I currently do alot of video encoding/converting not so much editing. In either event I have been deciding on 2 processors, the 4930k and the 4770k. I have seen how the 4770k performs with quick sync on arcsoft media converter 8 (from what i understand it is optimized for intel quick sync, I don't know about hyperthreading/cores and threads and it's what I use) but I have yet to find any video or data on how the 4930k does. I am going to give an example of what I would like to accomplish and greatly appreciate any feedback which would be useful. Thanks everyone in advanced.


      I would like to know which will encode/convert faster while maintaining good quality of a, lets say, 4.3gb 2hr long MKV movie to MP4 H.264 at a full 1080p.

      Will the 4770k with quick sync out perform the 4930k using just cpu power?