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    4965AGN Wireless Link - Windows 7 64-bit  "This device cannot start. (code 10)"


      A few years ago, I picked up an Intel 4965AGN Wireless Link. Building myself an HTPC, I used an embedded solution ITX motherboard.


      To check that all the hardware is working, I booted up into Puppy Linux, and the wireless connected fine.


      I installed Windows 7 64-bit, to only discover that the 4965AGN has a yellow triangle in the Device Manager.  Under the device properties, "This device cannot start. (code 10)"


      I tried downloading the latest, then earlier, then earlier again, drivers for the 4965AGN, from the Intel website, but the results have been the same.


      It is clearly a problem with the drivers because the 4965AGN works under Puppy Linux, but not under Windows.