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    HDCP compliance of win 8.1 video drivers


      I am looking for help with a persistent problem. On all three of my PCs I have developed an issue with what I believe is HDCP compliance since updating to Windows 8.1 MC. This a particularly vexing on my HTPC. When I open live TV in WMC I am greeted with the Display Driver Error screen. This resolves for most of my channels if I minimize the screen- I assume these are the copy freely channels. However the copy once channels are not viewable at all. PowerDVD now refuses to play a Blu-ray showing non compliant HDCP issues with graphics and display. The HD4000 i3 graphics and my LG HDTV are all listed as HDCP compliant and indeed were working with Windows 7 and 8 WMC. I have tried all video drivers available from Microsoft/Intel without help. I have current firmware in the TV, receiver and HDHR3 tuners. Bios have been updated to most current. All other driver have been updated as well. This same behavior is demonstrated on all three of my PCs. I have read numerous blogs on this issue and have tried most remedies without success. I'm not sure if this issue is from the windows 8.1 upgrade , Playready or other Draconian DRM measures but this has turned a perfectly delightful home theater solution into a constant irritation and for copy once channels a totally useless one. Any help would be appreciated.





      HTPC running Windows 8.1 Pro WMC Mobo Intel DH77DF, i3 3225 with HD4000 graphics (, 8 GB DDR3 ram, 128SSD
      PowerDVD12 for Blu-ray and Silicondust HDHR3 with cable card for live TV, LG 55LM7600 HDTV display, Yamaha RX-V2065 receiver


      iMac running Windows 8.1 Pro WMC in bootcamp, i5-750, 12 GB ram, ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4850 (


      Dell XPS12 running Windows 8.1 Pro WMC with i5 4200U, 4 GB ram, 128SSD, HD4400 graphics (

      Server running WHS2011 Mobo Intel DH57JG, i5-661, 4 GB ram, Headless

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          I am sorry to hear that have had issues with graphics controller on your system.

          I see this problem started when you upgraded to Windows 8.1, please check with Microsoft for possible updates.

          Do you know if this issue happen when using different software players?

          While researching on this matter, our documentation talks about support for Windows 8 and Blu Ray playback, however, it does not mention win8.1.

          I will check with engineering and will post my findings.


          Please take a look at this URL for more information.





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            Thanks Allan. I was able to fix the HTPC problem by downloading the engine management package for Windows 8. The same EMI driver was loaded but something in the package resolved the issue for the Intel Mobo. The Dell XPS12 still has the issue and may be due to the embedded display port used for the graphic output. It appears MS has not included that in the HDCP rules for compliance. The iMac may simply be too old a hardware.