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    Why "T" serial processor not available in india


      Dear Sir,


      I am doubted with this Question long time. Actually lot of Intel processor available in India. But i think most of the processor available India is out dated. I means still all the sellers in India selling only 3rd Gen processors.

      Now 4th generation processor also released. But still not available in India (Chennai).


      Having any voltage issue for that "T" Serial processor in India. if i buy from Amazon.com or USA. That professor not work in India..?

      If i purchase that product from Amazon.com that product billed with USA sellers. but can i claim that warranty from India..?


      I am looking forward to response from any one..




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          Hello chat2vignesh,

          I am sorry to hear you are having problems but let me help you.


          Please note that the T version on processors is a TRAY version meaning that it is sold to OEMs only.


          In the case you purchase a boxed processor in another country you can contact your local support in case of a warranty replacement but if your processor is a TRAY unit the warranty will be provided by the OEM only.