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    Difference between MT/s and MHz




      What's the real difference between MT/s and MHz when written as a measure of FSB?

      Here is the two terms mixed completely random: http://www.intel.com/pressroom/kits/quickreffam.htm


      It seems that the HyperTransport bus is MHz x 2, 2000MHz = 4000MT/s. That's also what I found out about QPI. But when it comes to FSB, it seems 1333 MHz = 1333 MT/s. So it's really confusing.


      Can anyone explain?

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          Hi there,


          Yes, I agree with you sometimes things can be confusing.


          Anyway, whenever you need specific information on CPU, Chipset etc, use ARK, it is much more better sometimes.


          Now regarding your question on MT/S:


          Many manufacturers today publish the speed of the FSB in megatransfer per second (MT/s), not the FSB clock frequency in megahertz (MHz).

          This is because the actual speed is determined by how many transfers can be performed by each clock cycle as well as by the clock frequency.


          For example, if a motherboard (or processor) has a FSB clocked at 200 MHz and performs 4 transfers per clock cycle, the FSB is rated at 800 MT/s


          You will find all these information on the Internet itself.


          All the best,