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    i7-4930K throttles RAM frequency to 1333 when using 8 RAM slots?


      Hi everyone,

      The Headline basically explains my question. I read that the i7-4930K CPU works with up to 64GB memory but if more than 4 of the RAM slots are used, the RAM frequency is reduced to 1300MHz even if the RAM supports 1866MHz. Is that true?

      So that would mean if I want to equip my i7-4930K machine with 64GB RAM I better use 4x16GB RAM (1866MHz) instead of 8x8 GB RAM? Obviously the same would apply if i decide to go 'only' for 32 GB RAM. Then 4x8 would be better than 8x4 (1866MHz again). Am I right.


      I was not able to find detailed information on that but when I try to configure a machine using 8 RAM modules and the i7-4930K CPU on alternate.de (I am from Germany), a warning is triggered that tells me what I explained above.


      Thanks for your help,