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    Another audio over HDMI issue (different one this time)


      Hey Guys, I recently got a NUC d54250wyk and I have been using it as a HTPC with Win 8.1 pro on it. I am connected to an older Toshiba 1080p HDTV and I had a few issues right from the start. At first I couldn't get it to dispay 1080p without over scaling (this was fixed with the recent bios update a week ago) and the second was sound being disconnected while video are pause. Basically if I pause a video in VLC or netflix and then hit play again there is about a 75 - 50% chance that the sound won't return and I need to turn the TV on/off for it to work (or change inputs). After the recent bios update my problem with sound has been reduced (down to maybe 25% chance) but not entirely gone away. I did a clean re-install of my Intel audio/video drivers after the bios update. Any ideas what is happening?