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    R1304RPMSHOR fans perpetually at 100%?


      We just bought a R1304RPMSHOR and for some reason the fans are at full speed at all times.


      I have upgraded the BIOS to R01.04.0002, which did not help.

      I have adjusted bios settings to acoustic and set altitude for <300m


      I have checked Server Products &mdash; System fan runs too fast or too loud and haven't gotten any results. Although i am unsure if I did the last one correctly.


      Please help, the machine is so loud that we are disturbed by it, in spite of being behind a closed door.


      Any help would be much appreciated.

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          As always, once you finally get so far that you are ready to ask a question, you end up solving it by yourself.


          I solved it by running the frusdr -cfg master.cfg, that came together with the R01.04.0002 firmware.


          boot into efi

          frusdr -cfg master.cfg

          select yes to update both fru and sdr

          then winged it through the rest of the questions.