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      I am trying to figure out what's not working properly on my PC, because i can't play all the EA games at all (BF3, BF4, Titanfall beta..).

      So far i've allready made so many tweeks without succes that's i am getting crazy ;(

      But i noticed that my HD was 100% for few seconds than the crash happen, and the BSOD message keep saying Memory Managment problem..

      so i am looking about my CPU/RAM/RAID and the Intel Rapid Storage settings or version ?

      I allready updated my bios all my drivers,
      my OS Windows 8.1 Pro x64..

      Someone know how to be sure my raid is set correctly or if i have the good drivers for my MotherboardCPU ?

      Here a link of the report from Intel Rapid Storage : http://cjoint.com/?0BtovT06bTf

      I can provide all kinds of reports you need : msinfo, cbs, dxdiag, etc..

      Thanks for your help

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          I am sorry to hear that have had issues with your computer. This type of performance issue does not seem related to the RAID 0 volume, according to the system report, it seems OK.

          If you have an Intel board, please contact Intel support at www.intel.com/chat and choose desktop support.

          On the other hand, please check with your computer manufacturer for troubleshooting assistance.