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    PXE-E6: Media test failure, check cable,PXE-MOF:Existing intel boot agent




      i was trying to install an operating system windows server 2008

      Then suddenly it appears on telling this:


      Intel(R) Boot Agent GE v 1.3.65

      Copyright (c) 1997 - 2010, Intel Corporation


      PXE-E6: Media test failure, check cable

      PXE-MOF: Existing Intel Boot Agent


      Anyone knows what it

      means? this happens when i try to reformat a Hard disc


      Ultrastar™ A7K2000

      3.5-Inch Enterprise 7200 RPM

      Hard Disk Drives-HUA722010CLA330


      but before that i deattached the old hard drive seagate with

      16mb cache with OS windows server 2008

      and my plan is to adapt a technolgy called RAID 10 and

      i have 4 drive for raid and 1 drive for operating system all are the same spec HGST ultrastar.

      why i cannot install OS server 2008 on HGST 1TB ultrastar?


      anyone could help me, so that our server will have a better performance. with has sql server with large data files.

      appreciated so much for immediate answer.