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    DN2820FYKH - NUC shutdown when TV is off



      I have run into an interesting issue connecting my DN2820FYKH on my Toshiba 46TL933G via HDMI. Once I turn off the TV the NUC shutdowns and loop-restarts until eventually it goes into the Windows diagnostic screen. I have found a temporary solution but I would like to know if this is a driver related issue.


      Relevant Details:

      Windows 8.1 Professional-N x64

      Intel Graphics driver version

      Bios v0025

      Every other driver as per DN2820FYK driver bundle



      The fact that it would eventually stay in the windows diagnostic screen gave me the idea that it might be driver related. Just to be sure I rolled back the driver to the Standard Microsoft adapter and this did prevent the NUC to shutdown and enter into the restart-loop.


      I connected a BenQ Monitor to see if I could observe the same behaviour with a different monitor - powering off the monitor via the off button on the monitor would not result in the above scenario. But when I would physically disconnect the monitor from the power socket I ended up with the same behaviour - restart loop.



      After some digging I found a temporary solution - tape out Pin19 from the HDMI connector. Result:  The NUC detects the TV through the EDID from the DDC but now it does not detect when the TV has been turned on/off.



      Is this a driver related issue that will be fixed?


      Best regards.