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    DP45SG Random Lockups


      Wow has it been a long weekend.

      System is this: New build MB DP45SG

      with Q9550 CPU.

      Xion 800W PSU

      4GB DDR3 patriot Viper series.

      (Board scaled back to 1066MHZ)

      Memory is at 7-7-7-20

      Video is XFX ATI Radeon 4870 XXX 1GB

      WD750 Sata Black

      LG Super Multi Blue BH08

      Windows XP Professional 32bit Service pack 3.


      Put it all together on friday. Initially locked

      up while installing chipset drivers. during the Audio portion.


      Manually rebooted. Everything went fine after that. Installed Video Card

      drivers.   Installed Power DVD that came with my Blu Ray Burner.

      Hooked up to TV started watching movie. then LOCK UP.

      The system cannot run for longer than 30 minutes without a

      hard LOCK UP! !   Updated all drivers.


      with the system unstable I am not going to risk a lock up

      while updating Bios. Bios # is


      Ran the Burn in test from INTEL failed on audio portion.

      HERE's the thing. When it locks up their is an odd sound that

      the speakers produce like a crackling noise.  Which makes me

      think there is an audio issue! ! ! !

      Here is where I am at now.

      Wiped hard drive re-installed Windows.

      It locked up on me when windows was

      copying files. Had to manually reboot.

      Windows restarted install. got through.

      Loaded Chipset drivers and audio driver.

      Windows loaded. 12 minutes later.

      HARD LOCK.

      I have always used an intel board in all my system builds.

      BX845 - 865 PERL

      These boards have always been picky with RAM.

      Ended up running PNY ram once just to get the board going.

      went through crucials memory picker and it sent me ram

      that didn't work.


      SO I am down to a couple conclusions. WIN XP , Audio Driver or RAM.

      Which is it??????

      Any help out there would be appreciated.

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          Day 2:

          updated Bios to version 116.

          Reinstalled WinXP sp3.

          downloaded all latest drivers from intel


          ran for exactly 17 minutes and locked up.


          Ran Intel Burn in test with all running except printer test.

          Locks up within 2 minutes EVERYTIME I RUN IT.

          NO ERRORS REPORTED. reseated everything.

          ran Burn in test. Lockup 1 minute in.

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            Changed Ram voltage to 1.7volts.

            Been running for 40 minutes now without LOCKUP !  :-)

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              The DP45SG board sets ram settings to 7-7-7-20 1.55 volts default. for Patriot PVS34G1333LLK DDR3 Kit.

              I had to manually set ram settings in Bios to 1.7 volts and keep MHz to 1066 for board to become

              stable. Been stress testing now for 12 hours straight without a hitch. Blu-Ray rendering + playing 720P H.264 QT file

              in dual monitor mode

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                I was so excited when I saw your post about the random lockup issue.  I have going through this same thing with this motherboard.  I am trying to run Windows XP and managed to get it installed but then I was having these random lockups while trying to use the computer.  When I saw you post I hoped this would solve the problem. I went into the BIOS and changed the voltage to 1.7 and the computer immediately rebooted.  It seemed to be acting ok but when I tried to go out to the internet to lookup some more things I kept getting and error with IE.  I decided to restart and go back into the BIOS to check the setting and now I can't get to the BIOS at all, the computer powers up but I get no monitor display or keyboard, mouse activity.  Any ideas on how to get back into the BIOS?


                This is so frustrating.

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                  You'll have to change the bios jumper pin on the motherboard to config mode. that should get you in.

                  I had changed to MHZ speed to 1333 and the computer did exactly what you are describing. By using

                  the jumper I was able to go back into the Bios and change the setting back to 1066.

                  Another note: did you change the bios memory settings to: manual and just change the voltage from

                  default to 1.7? Did you change anything else.  Also are you using Patriot memory or another brand.

                  If it is another Brand. Make sure you see what voltage the ram is rated for. It should tell you on the ram

                  itself or the packaging it came to.     The packaging that my ram came in said 7-7-7-2  1.7 volts

                  the motherboard set itself at 7-7-7-2 and defaulted to 1.55volts on the ram.  I think with Corsair ram

                  the motherboard will set itself at 9-9-9-2.   1.6.

                  If Bios settings match.

                  Where you able to install operating system without lockup??

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                    I changed the bios jumper to config mod but I still can't get in, it boots up all the fans run but the monitor and keyboard do not engage,  I have a keyboard with lights and it just blinks off and on, the monitor never comes on.  I tested both the monitor and keyboard they still work on other computers.   The only change I made was to the voltage to manual and 1.7 sadly I did not look at the ram votltage before changing it, I have Kingston Standard 256M X 64 Non-ECC 1333MHz 240-pin Unbuffered DIMM (DDR3, 1.5V, CL9, FBGA, Gold). The setting defaulted at 1.55 before I changed it to 1.7.  I don't see the numbers like you are describing 7-7-7-2.

                    I was able to install the operating system without lockup then while loading drivers and settings I started experienceing the lockup again. I am at a loss without being able to get to the bios. Any other ideas? I msy ave blown something on the motherboard by setting the voltage too high for the ram.

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                      Change Ram. I'm sorry to say.

                      If your ram was rated at 1.5 and you juiced it to 1.7

                      It probably bit the dust.

                      Try pulling ram.

                      are you using 2 sticks or 1?

                      if 2 pull both and put one stick in slot 0

                      reboot in config mode.

                      if same thing replace slot 0 with the other

                      stick and reboot in config mode.

                      Also you might try booting with no ram

                      in config mode. see if the board beeps at you.

                      I wouldn't trash motherboard yet. Once I cleared the

                      ram thing up my system has been running continuously

                      using Photoshop,Maya, Mental Ray Rendering,Aftereffects,Toxic, HiDef movies,

                      rendering H.264.   With absolutely no lockups.


                      Here is a link to the ram I purchased.


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                        Thank you for your response.  I'm using two sticks tried what you said first taking out all the RAM and turning on the computer, it did not beep at me. All the fans and lights came and I heard som clicking noise but no beeping.  I then put one stick of RAM at a time back in slot 0, and nothing.  What do you think still try the RAM first? Or do you think the motherboard got messed up? I guess I can try one at a time.

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                          I ordered the Partriot RAM you linked to me in a prior post.  I got it today which is great.  I had the bios jumpers set to config, put in the ram and started it up.  At first nothing happened, I turned it off and back on, it booted up into BIOS.  The settings defaulted to 7-7-7-20 1.7 volts like the RAM says, so I saved the settings since it detected the new RAM.  Changed the jumpers back to normal mode, powered up and nothing.  I can continue to turn it off and get back into BIOS in config mode but thats it.  Not sure what to do at this point.  Any suggestions or should I try to get the board replaced?

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                            some intel board can run on certain ram clock rate. however, sometimes it backfire..


                            was thinking to get a DP45SG..

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                              Hi Everyone,


                              I am a new user and I have the DP45SG board with four 2 Gig sticks of Kingston KVR1333D3N9/2G memory for a total of 8Gig RAM. My computer is experiencing the same lockups that have been detailed in many places on this board. Oh boy, this is frustrating. So, I see from a lot of suggestions, the way to fix this is to run this 1333 10600 memory at 1066Mhz. Only problem is that I have NO IDEA what settings I have to change in the BIOS to make this happen. I'm more than willing to take the little bit of performance hit of running slower if I caould only get a stable system.


                              I went in and JUST changed the memory speed setting in Performance Settings to 1066, but the machine will not even boot. It just tries to start repeatedly and then finally resets itself to the 1333 setting and then will boot again. I'm really scared of frying something because I do not know what I'm doing in the BIOS. Otherwise, I'm a pretty technical guy and I follow directions really well!


                              PLEASE could someone detail for me the settings I have to change in the BOIS to make the memory run at 1066 instead of at 1333? MANY THANKS in advance.

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                                you are using the same ram i got, on this board.

                                the board will boot up or should boot up with your memory sticks being set at 1333, if it hasnt been overclocked, and under 8 gb.

                                I couldnt find a way to get my board to boot with 8gb with the memory set at 1333, had to set it back to 1066, for it to boot.

                                I am not sure if this will help you but it worked for me, every time i couldnt get the board to post as i was overclocking.

                                start it up and get into your bios option and load optimal settings think is f9 and then save and restart. this should clear any setting you may had change before.

                                then go back into your bios, and adjust your memory timing.

                                set it to manual


                                1333 if you want it at that speed or 1066





                                TRFC-60 found this on the patriot forum, i have mine set at 80.

                                voltage- 1.70

                                then save your settings and restart.

                                like i said for me i havent had any luck to get this board to boot with memory set at 1333 when i had 8gb in there or when i overcloked it, board would boot fine if set at 1066 when i had 8gb in there or when i overcloked it.

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                                  Wow, I can't thank marvelkiller1 enough for the suggested ram timings. I set the BIOS with those numbers, hit "save" and crossed my fingers! So far, not one lockup since I made those changes. Like running a totally different machine! I am not overclocking anything, since I'm not using the machine for any super demanding stuff, but even at "stock" speed on the processor, it just couldn't / wouldn't handle the 8 Gig's of RAM running at 1333Mhz. So, I have to say that for me, the problem is fixed. The machine appears stable and I can get back to work. THANKS AGAIN!!


                                  Now, just one more thing.... Does anyone know of a motherboard that would be a virtual drop-in replacement for this DP45SG that would let me use all my existing stuff by just moving everything over to the new board? It might be nice to have a board that actually lets me get my full speed out of the memory and be stable besides. It would have to be able to use my 8 Gigs of PC3-10600 240 pin double sided dimm's and have the right socket for my Intel Core 2 Quad Q9400 2.66GHz processor and  have a slot for my NVIDIA GForce GTX 260 Video card. Anyone have a suggestion for a nice reliable stable board that could use those components?

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                                    Hi all,


                                    Just want to share my experience, too.


                                    I also have that board - Intel® Desktop Board DP45SG rev. 405. I am not using the tested memory modules of Intel but 4 x SP002GBLTU133S02 (SILICON POWER (DDR3 SDRAM,4 x 2GB,1333MHz), PC3-10600, CL9).


                                    My system is UNSTABLE (BSOD in Windows, kernel panic/segfault in Linux) when I use the default (automatic in BIOS) memory settings - 1333MHz, 9-9-9-24, 1.5V.
                                    My system seems to be STABLE when I use manual memory settings - 1066MHz, 9-9-9-24, 1.5V (only changed the frequency). I am not sure if the memory timings are correct, should ask the memory vendor.


                                    Let you know if I find something more.


                                    Best Regards,
                                    Boyan Boychev

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