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    Install Error Desktop Control Center & Non-functioning Desktop Utilities - BX2


      D975BX2 XP Pro SP3: Downloaded and installed latest 975 chipset INF. Before I did this Intel Desktop Utilities were working fine.  After I installed the new chipset INF Desktop Utilities stopped working: Now  I get only a strange distorted version of the menu.  Uninstalled and reinstalled -- same problem.  Then I attempted to install Intel Desktop Control Center -- correct version for my board and OS.  First my antivirus software (Kaspersky Pure) attempted to block some of the DCC drivers as possible malware.  After I unblocked these the installation  hung for a long time, then I finally got an error message telling me that the installation has failed.  I tried uninstalling and reinstalling Desktop Control Center -- same problem.  So now I have neither Desktop Utilities for the Desktop Control Center.  Any advice?  Thanks!