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    choosing a new processor?


      I'm looking for help deciding on a new cpu, I am currently using a gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3L motherboard with 4G of ram and a NVIDIA 8600 GTS, i have no idea which processor to go for anty advice?

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          Hi there,


          It is very difficult to tell you to go and buy a particular CPU.


          All I can do is to give some hint what sort of information that you need to consider before getting a CPU?


          Factors to consider:


          - Memory Speed and CPU FSB - the higher FSB the better.

          - Do you need a CPU that has large amount of cache? - the higher the cache the better is the performance.

          - Does the motherboard support virtualisation? If yes, the next question is do you need a CPU that supports VT?

          - Do you need a CPU that can support 64 bit OS?

          - Cost of the CPU

          - Are you looking for a boxed or a tray CPU? Boxed = 3 years Warranty.


          Once you have some answers to these questions, go to Gigabyte CPU Compability website:


          Check the list of CPUs that are compatible with the board.


          Check the CPU details in the http://ark.intel.com


          Make sure to get a supported CPU as some CPUs exist in different SL Number which may not be compatible with your board.


          All the best.