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    Intel D975xbx problem


      I recently went into my computers bios, and changed the ram frequency from 667mhz down to 333mhz to compare the speeds, but after changing the speeds, the computer would not boot. no video, no hard drive activity ect. I already tried different ram sticks, same results. I also tried resetting the bios by removing the cmos battery with the power supply off, then discharging the capacitors. but once again, no boot. Is the cmos not clearing? Or is there a problem with the cpu or mobo?


      I am running a intel core 2 duo

      e6600 at 2.6 ghz (non overclocked) a radeon 5450 1gb, and 4 gb of ddr2 ram (4 sticks of 1gb each)

      mobo is the intel d975xbx, as in the titlebios