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      I have an intel board DH87MC when i turn iton it doesn't boot from first attempt.

      When i try again i got : "BIOS has detected unsuccessful POST attempt(s)... Press "Y" to enter Setup or "N" to cancel and attempt to boot with previous settings.". When i press N the pc restart and works normally.

      I tested many Hard disks , power supplies , and rams same problem.

      Please help me.



      Attached you can find the error..

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          Hello, i have exactly the same issue without intel answer. A fellow was had the same experience with many of intel motherboard. I tried lot of test, probably the same as you. Today, before i returned my card, i try another thing, but i lose patience (enable all fast boot optimisation, some manually memory parameter...). i don't have more response of intel.

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            this will work get your mother board model..

            then go to google.com

            put your model then indicate your problem.. more answer more opinion will be better to solve your problem.. sir !!

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              Mitani,  a similar issue was discussed on the following thread . DZ77BH-55K boot failed but everything works fine


              This kind of behavior could be cause by a device such as memory or a network card that is not letting the system to finish posting correctly or it is not being properly detected by the operating system.


              You may want to try the following:


              • Remove any PCI devices and restart the system. Check if you are getting the error.
              • In order to find out which device is causing the error, please include one of them and restart the system.
              • Go into Bios
                • Restore all to Default
                • And click Performance / Summary
                • Then disable Failsafe Watchdog
                • Then reboot.


              Please let me know the results.

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                I also posted on similar thread....


                We are Intel Channel Partners and reported this issue a few months ago.  We ended up delivering to customer because he couldn't wait for Intel to resolve the Cold Boot problem.  He knows that if he turns off the power to the mainboard for several hours (for a thunderstorm or something), he will have to press reset, then 'n' to the BIOS question, and all will be well.  He has had absolutely no other issues with the system and it performs beautifully.  It is just Cold Boot after lengthy power off that is a problem.



                Intel support said they couldn't reproduce the problem, but looking at the forums, there are a lot of people with the Cold Boot issue.  As I kept trying to tell Intel support, removing power from the mainboard for half an hour will NOT cause the error.  You have to remove power for several hours, usually overnight.


                Like you, Intel suggested changing hard drive, power supply, case, memory.  We tried all of that with no fix found.  We also just keyboard, mouse, hard drive, dvdburner.  We even tried 2 different hard drives - one Western Digital Black Caviar, and then a Seagate because Intel said it might be the WD drive.  All to no avail.  If you turn the power off to the mainboard for a few hours, the system doesn't start correctly.  If you only remove power for a few minutes, the system starts just fine.

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                  LizB, would you please send me a private message with the service ticket number please?

                  Please include your system configuration  and BIOS version, in order to try to replicate your issue.

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                    LizB, please ignore my previous comment. I was able to find all the information here https://communities.intel.com/thread/44521    


                    Please provide me only the BIOS version you are running.



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                      Hi Sylvia, We upgraded the BIOS to one sent to us by Intel in which they had purposely re-instated the ability to set a hard drive pre-delay.  I can't recall the actuall BIOS version, but the Intel CaseID is 8000760780 starting in August 2013.  I did find the link to the BIOS that we were sent to try. It appears to be MC5047.


                      If you can lookup the Case, you will find that we replaced the mainboard and the issue still wasn't resolved, so it is unlikely that there was a fault with that particular board, and as somebody else posted on the same thread back then that they had 4 DH87MC boards with similar problems, there must be something else causing the issue.  As the problem isn't consistent, i.e. sometimes you can disconnect the power overnight and the system boots just fine, then it is very difficult to troubleshoot.  As the customer now has the system, and he uses it every day for his business, it is pretty well impossible for us to do further troubleshooting.


                      However, we'd love for you to do some more testing with regards to the 4 x DB75EN boards that we have that have Cold Boot issues.  Again it is intermittent, but every now and then after lengthy power off to mainboard, the system fails to start normally.  They are stock standard builds with no graphics card etc, just WD Black Caviar drive, DVD burner, 4Gb RAM (we've tried both 1333 and 1600), Pentium G2130, usb keyboard and mouse. After lengthy power off, when you turn on the display stays black. We were pressing 'reset' after about 30secs and the system would boot to windows just fine, however we found by looking throught the forums that somebody else found by accident that if you walk away from the system for 5 or 10 minutes, the system eventually POSTS and starts.  We tried that and noticed that if you leave the computer, after about 5 minutes the Windows start screen suddenly apprears and Windows comes to the desktop.  There is no POST display at all and prior to Windows start logo, there is no hard drive activity - nothing to suggest that the system has even POSTED.  I've turned on the POST sound now, and will try again to see if the system is POSTING straight away, or after 5 minutes.  The Intel case for this issue is 8000841654.  We've tried different power supplies, upgrading BIOS etc. all to no avail.


                      We still have to test hooking up both a DVI and VGA display together to see if anything changes, but as the systems only sometimes don't start, and you have to remove power from the mainboard overnight, it can take days to 'catch it in the act' so to speak. I'm not hopeful however that having 2 displays running will actually show us anything as the system doesn't seem to POST for a good 5 minutes.


                      Thanks in advance for any assistance you may be able to offer.

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                        Hi All,

                        I got my newly configured PC on last Saturday(04/26) since then am experiencing a lot of problem with the DH87MC Mother Board because its NO HDMI Video while BOOTING after complete system power shutdown.


                        When I starts PC even after 1 hour from complete power shutown, the mobo starts with a beep(i guess its no video detected warning) and thereafter no visuals in my Samsung S23B370 screen. But the CPU fans everything seems to running. When I restarted PC by pressing CPU power button for about 10 seconds and switching it again - the mobo shoes an error message "BIOS HAD DETECTED AN UNSUCCESFUL POST ATTEMPT(S). Press 'Y' to enter setup or 'N' to continue normal.


                        I have a seen a lot of threads here asking similar kind of helps - without any successful answers.


                        Please help me to solve this issue.

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                          HI Sylvia_Intel,


                          I had removed by LAN Card and now am having only a mouse, keyboard, samsung DVD writer connected.


                          I have updated the BIOS as well. Nothing seems to be fix my issue.


                          Please help me.

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                            I purchased INTEL DH87MC motherboard on November 14, 2014. It cold boots, no display, but a single beep when i press power on button. My display is through HDMI port on SONY LED TV. When I switch off the power and restart my machine it works perfectly with no beep when i press on button.

                            I am using 2 DDR RAM of 4 GB in each slot. So total 8 GB RAM and I 5 Processor 4440 3.2 Ghz.Please help

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                              CaptainIND, would you please try the latest BIOS version available V158  Intel® Download Center ?


                              LEORULES1000, which is the current BIOS version on your board? Please access the BIOS and check for that information.


                              Could you please attach the DX Ddiag report from your system so I can check the current information?

                              Dxdiag Report: Type dxdiag in Start Menu> open> Save> Attach using Advanced Editor Options.

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                                  BIOS VERSION:    MCH8710H.86A.0156.2014.0430.0904


                                  I have also send the images of my BIOS, please check

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                                    SYL, I am at work now, when i go home i send you the information which will get generated through DXDIAG

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