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    Galileo Board - no USB cable, no booklet, no standoff separators and screws, and no blue man in the box



      I was quite surprised to find there are boxes which come with no USB cable inside. If you go on YouTube and look for 'unboxing Galileo' you will see some boxes get a blue man inside and all the items described in the "Getting Started Guide" and some other boxes come with only the board, the power supply and the adapters, and the white regulatory information booklet. In fact one guy wonders if this is the new standard.


      I honestly think Intel should specify this upfront. It is not that I have to buy some screws and USB cables in addition to the Galileo box, but I do not think I should be charged the same price without knowing it. Also, on the side of the Box say nothing about the contents inside. On top of it, the card is not detected by Windows 7 64bit which kind of worries me, but I will make a separate post. I have bough the card from Fry's


      So, Intel, where do I request the items which were missing from my box? Does anyone know where should I send a complaint in case Intel does not read our posts?


      Thank you,