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    Matrix Storage Mgr- Array size 100% but not in Windows


      Recently updated two hard drives in a RAID 1 pc in our office.  The following steps were taken:


      1. Removed #2 (of 2) 146gb hard drive, installed new blank 1TB drive.

      2. Rebooted, correctly received "degraded" warnings, re-built array onto new 1TB disk.

      3. Removed #1 146gb drive, installed new blank 1TB drive.  Same steps, re-built array, etc.

      4. After successful re-build restarted pc.

      5. As expected, RAID 1 array still reporting as 146gb.



      6. PC has ICHR8/9 controller, which I read does not support resizing of the array via Windows / Matrix Storage Mgr. 

      7. Selecting View>Advanced>Modify RAID volume DID allow selection of "use 100% of available space".

      8. System worked for some time increasing the array size, then prompted for a re-boot.

      9. At restart the post/array info screen reports the RAID 1 array at just under 1TB.



      10. Once in windows (XP Pro sp3) however, the system still sees the hard drive as limited to 146gb.  In Disk Administrator the drive does not show any unallocated space, etc, only the 146gb volume.

      11. Matrix Storage Manager (run in windows) still reports the array size as 1TB.


      I'm a bit lost as to how to convince winXP to see/use the additional space on the drives.  Any last steps/tips would be appreciated.  Unfortunately the pc must remain on XP as its primary software is legacy and will not function on Win7, etc.  Thanks!

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          I am sorry to hear that have had issues with your RAID size configuration.

          I see the problem started when you swap old drives but never reset old drives to Non-RAID.

          The RAID structure is set as 146 GB. Your steps above were correct; the only thing is that you did not reset your RAID volume when swapping disks.

          You have couple of choices here:

          1. Backup your data and reset disk to non RAID and recreate RAID 1 volume

          2. Delete RAID volume and recreate your RAID 1 configuration.