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    Prebuilt eglibc-based linux image and package repository




      I'd like to share my prebuilt image using eglibc with you guys.

      Index of /pub/galileo/images

      "full" image includes ssh, wget, gcc, nodejs, opencv, etc...

      "minimal" image includes ssh, wget etc...

      You can use it by extracting the archive to your SD card just like the Intel's one.

      I recommend the "minimal" image because you can use package manager for these images as described below.


      Also, I'm working on building many packages for eglibc-based linux image for Galileo.

      Here is my repo:

      Index of /pub/galileo/packages


      You can configure opkg package manager with following command:

      $ wget http://storage.tokor.org/pub/galileo/packages/opkg.conf -O /etc/opkg/opkg.conf

      Install some packages:

      $ opkg update

      $ opkg install blahblah

      Note that you cannot use this repository with uclibc-based images (like Intel's official one).

      Of course, it is compatible with Sergey's.

      You can get more information (sorry, in Japanese) from here:

      作成したIntelのGalileoのSDカード用Linuxイメージを使う - Galileo - Tokoro's Tech-Note