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    Black Screen after driver update (Asus UX32VD-DB71)




      I replied to the official black screen thread, but it looks like that thread isn't going anywhere...


      I am creating a new thread because this seems to be a recurring issue without an answer.


      (see HD4000 driver causes LCD crash on Zenbook UX32VD - Help)


      Looks like that question remained unanswered...




      After installing the intel driver(v from ASUS) [tried to updating to (package as well], the built-in screen turned off and wouldn't display an image (even at boot/post).

      I've tried to create an EDID override in windows(ie. monitor driver), as well as trying to create a DDC connection to read (and update) the EDID. PowerStrip can't create a connection and read-edid tells me the EDID is probably wrong (and that something special has happened).

      My laptop is no longer under warranty, so I'll have to pay ~$200 for a screen replacement. This is not an issue IF I can understand why this happened and how to prevent this in the future.

      Right now it looks like the Intel update corrupted the LCD. and I would appreciate if anybody could suggest any ideas about how to fix this and why this happened in the first place.