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    Celeron G1820 Graphics Driver, not on the list




      I'm goingto build a new PC for my parents. They will be moving fron a single core Sempron 2800+ (1,6GHz@2GHz), so even with the entry CPU, they will feel the performance boost. They'll use the iGPU, as it seems powerful enough for their 2D games.


      The thing is, that I was searching drivers for G1820 with no success.

      Windows 7 64 bit


      All I see is that for the 4th generation you can chose between HD 4400 and 4600, not HD Graphics per se - the Celeron one does not have a number, and Iris is surely wrong one.

      So I'm chosing the 4400, as it has the lowest number. Correctly?


      The newest one seems to be:

      Download Center


      G1820 is not listed there:

      Intel® Celeron® Processor 927UE/1000M/1005M/1007U/1017U/1019Y/1020E/1020M/1037U/1047UE/G1610/G1620/G1620T/G1610T/G1630 with Intel® HD Graphics


      Is it safe to assume, that it is simply not on the list, as it was not yet availiable yet, and this (I assume the newest) driver will work with G1820?


      I'd prefer not to install any auto-checking stuff.