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    Intel NUC Kit DN2820FYK dead after BIOS update




      I got my Intel NUC Kit (DN2820FYK) last weekend, when it booted i switched in the bios it asked me if it should look online for a new bios, and i got an error message (unknow product id or something like that).


      so i decided to download it manually after i read the changelog.

      i put the file (FY0025.BIO from BIOS Update [FYBYT10H.86A]) on a FAT32 USB stick, booted again and entered the bios -> bios update selcted the file and pressed ok.


      then the screen wend black (power led blinking), before any confirmatioin or any progress bar showed up, after 45min i decided to restart it per hand since nothing happend but i won´t boot anymore or give me a screen.


      is there anything i can do myself?


      thanks in advance