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    upgrading from previous gen core core i3 to previous gen quad core i5 but won't work


      I have these configuration and all is in good working condition

      intel DH55TC socket 1156

      500w rated psu

      3gb ram

      core i3 2.9ghz

      gtx 560ti

      hdd 500gb sata II

      windows 7 Ultimate 64bit

      deep cool gamma archer cpu cooler


      then I bought a new processor since it is my first upgrade for 4years. I checked the compatibility and these processor core i5 760 2.8ghz is on the list, intalled it.  I've also installed with an aftermarket cooler too which can handle 95w tdp. First POST is good (beep once) I've checked bios and all is detected w/o a problem current cpu reading temp @ 55c. Now after post and the logo of windows shows up just for a millisecond then I've encountered this error. "Machine check error"  and then the system would automatically restarts the loading of OS doesn't work at all. After a couple of trial and error I've disabled 2 cores and guess what the system successfully booted, but I can't live w/ that 2 cores running only I need the full capability of quads. TIA