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    DC3217IYE - 2nd HDMI suddenly stopped working


      Since I bought my NUC, I always had both HDMI outputs connected where the 1st output was/is connected with my TV and the 2nd one with my AV receiver. After this worked for more than a year without issues, the 2nd HDMI was not found any more today.

      I tried more or less anything - yet with no success. When I swap the cables, everything works ok - so it's not the cable or any device connected.

      Indeed the 2nd HMDI port seems to be also gone inside the windows and driver settings. When I search for a monitor connected to the 2nd HDMI, nothing is found. I still can force clone display via the "connect beamer" start menu entry, but even then nothing appears on the 2nd HDMI any more.

      Did it simply die? Or is there any chance to reactivate the end HDMI???