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    Windows Explorer Search Does Not Work on Networked Drives


      I installed Windows 8 pro on my NUC, and all is well, except I cannot get indexing to work on any networked drives. Indexing does work on attached drives. Indexing works fine on my networked drives  on 2 other windows 8.1 computers attached to the same network, and I did not have to do anything to make indexing work. It was just there.


      I am trying to figure out why I have a different situation on this rig. On the other machines, I used installation discs for the original installation. For this machine, I bought a Windows 8.1 pro OEM disc, converted it to an ISO file, and then used the Microsoft Windows 7 tool to be able to install the OS from a usb drive.


      I am thinking about re-installing the OS directly from the OEM install disc to see if that corrects the problem. Every instruction that I have seen for the NUC seems to indicate installation from a USB drive. Any reason I should not install from disc? I have an internal LG Blu-Ray writer in an enclosure attached via a USB 3 cable.


      If I want to do a clean install of the OS from disc, what is the recommended procedure? Will I be able to boot from the disc without any pre-install of drivers?


      Thanks in advance for your assistance.