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    No ehternet adapter found


      Hello everyone.

      After cloning MAC adress on my Ethernet adapter Intel 82577LC, the error PXE-E05 occured (in OS windows 8.1 the ethernet adapter was with yellow exclamation mark and led on the adapter had blinked).

      I found in the internet the solution, using IBAUTIL in MS-DOS mode to set default configuration .

      After setting to default by using "IBAUTIL -NIC=1 -devcfg" my adapter is down.

      No one LED blinks and in the device manager is not found (only wifi is found).

      I tried once again to use IBAUTIL, but there write error "No supported network adapters found".

      In BIOS I tried to set diffirent configuration, defaults settings, but still the network adapter is not found.

      I tried also to remove battery for 10 minut, but nothing happened.


      Could you mind help me with this problem.