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    Windows 8.1 black screen on reboot


      I purchased a Lenovo G400s Touch laptop a couple of weeks back. I am running Windows 8.1 (Windows 8 came pre-installed and hence I don't have a Windows CD) / Intel i5 processor / 4 GB RAM.



      Since the last two days I am having a problem where when I restart my system it automatically gives me a black screen, nothing happens at all and I have to shut down my laptop by pressing the power button and then start it again.



      I read up here and there about the cause of the problem and figured out that my Intel HD Graphics 4000 card might be causing the problem. I uninstalled the driver from device manager and when tried restarting it worked just fine. But right after restarting Windows installed Intel drivers automatically and I again have the same problem.



      Refreshing my PC is my last option as I shall lose a lot of apps and other stuff. Can someone offer me a work around?



      P.S: I also have a 2 GB Nvidia graphic card