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    Intel Wireless AC 7260 Bluetooth fails


      I've got the AC 7260 in my MSI GE70 laptop and during usage of my Razer Orochi bluetooth mouse, there will be temporary lags during operation. Then after about 1 hour of use or less, bluetooth completely shuts off (no more bluetooth icon in the systray).


      This cannot be fixed without restarting the laptop. I've tried reinstalling the drivers, uninstalling the device, reinstalling. This just seems to be a consistent issue on these boards so I felt I would add my system specs to help with the cause in getting this resolved.


      MSI GE70 laptop



      12GB Ram

      750GB HDD

      Windows 8.1 x64 (fully updated)


      BT version 3.1.1311_e164


      In the Device Manager, my bluetooth doesn't show a warning triangle, unless I rescan for hardware changes. Once I do that, it shows a triangle.